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Church on the road

by Jack
(Norman, OK)

First thank you for what you have written. You have touched on many of the questions that have been bouncing around my feeble mind. But one subject you did not touch on – Church. Sunday morning is always the time I set aside to be closer to God. How do you attend Church when on the road? How do you give back to God, both in donations of money and time?

Again, Thank You for opening up your hearts,


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Mar 27, 2014
Church On The Road
by: Gary

Thank you for asking such a profound question. As a full time want-to-be, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about how a devout Christian could participate in traditional church activities, and how a daily walk with God would translate into the RV lifestyle. So far I haven’t found what I would call a “One size fits all” answer to this problem, but here are a few of the things that I came up with.

While it’s possible to seek out almost any kind of religious experience you’re looking for, I’m going to limit my comments to churches following the traditional Judeo-Christian model.

If you consider meeting with people in a building a necessity part of church on Sunday, my experience has been that most liturgical churches, like the Catholics (and probably the Lutherans) will welcome you with open arms, but don’t expect a lot of interaction with the locals. Many small town, Baptist styled, churches would love to have you come and visit. Personally I would shy away from local churches with no denominational ties, as well as ones from the more radical sects of Christianity. Many of these tend to practice a form of “Us and No More” style of theology, and will be skeptical of anyone from the outside. If in doubt as to where you can go, ask the manager of the RV park you’re staying in, or the owners of one of the local ma, and pa, restaurants, if they know of a church nearby that welcomes visitors.

If you miss the song service, many areas of the country have Christian radio stations you can listen to, or check out one of the many internet radio stations that stream Christian music

If you don’t find a place to visit locally, many large churches either stream their services live on the internet, or offer MP3 audio, or video, of their services on their web sites. If you’re home church doesn’t have a website try Googling your denominations name, and the word “sermon”, to find a starting point for your search.

Last but not least is the money end of things. If you don’t have a church you regularly support, you may want to consider giving to one of the many Christian Charities, like The Salvation Army, or Samaritans Purse. Remember giving to only one ministry, as opposed to tossing money in the offering plate wherever you happen to be, will make your year end tax preparation a whole lot simpler.

Enough said. May God Bless You on your journey and wave as you go by. I’ll be watching for you.

Jan 08, 2014
Church on the Road
by: julie

I carry my home and my church inside so I am at home everywhere and at one with the world; therefore, always in a place of worship. When an opportunity to share what I have (a meal, my time in conversation, the location of a special place I've found, a few days at a Habitat build, etc), I respond to what the moment is asking of me. I have found a lot of joy in understanding that I am only the caretaker of what I've been blessed with.

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