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Cold Weather Best Friend

by Donna Rammo
(Halifax NS Canada)

We camp/RV even when the snow flies, but I hate the cold and feeling cold.

So my best friend is.... an old fashioned hot water bottle.And, when there is no hot water bottle, I substitute a large, 2-litre, heavy juice bottle.

I use them to pre-warm (and stay warm all night) the bed at night, put on my belly (core) to warm up quickly after a cold snowy hike, and place under my feet in the coolish RV anytime I am sitting for a long time (heat rises from the furnace and forgets all about freezing feet!)

And, for times my chronic bad back is acting up, I add ice or very cold water to the rubber bottle to then act as a cold pack to calm all those cranky back nerves and get some relief.

I try to buy the hot water bottles in yard sales where one is more likely to find the really good made-in-England ones, as opposed to the modern, poorly-made cheap Asian ones. The British ones have "British standards" and dates stamped right on the neck and are very heavy duty. I have one that is from 1970!

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