Considering Full Time Rving (again)

by Lucy
(North Carolina)

Now I say again as we had gone through this before,actually in the closing process of a Home and Then My Husband says "I can't do it, Find another house quick" So I did however here We are once again 3 Years later looking at Travel Trailers and Trucks and places we want to see, My Husband continues to say The TT will depreciate which it will and unlike a home that adds value and the other thing is selling everything off and finally worrying what happens when we are too old to continue or one gets really sick, We are currently 65 and 70 yrs young Now, Are we too late for this lifestyle? So many drawbacks, I am more for it than he is but I do have those same concerns too and being Safe over night while sleeping out in the middle of nowhere, We want to Boondock so getting solar panels is also something we are looking into.
We also have 2 medium sized dogs, Another hassle my Husband keeps reminding me of but The Girls will be going everywhere we go. I lay awake questioning myself,Is this the right decision, Can't afford to make a mistake as once we do decide there's No turning Back and That's when The finger Pointing begins, Married 39 Years and know all too well who will get The Blame if We made the Wrong Choice!

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Jun 02, 2019
A Change of Plan
by: Lucy

Well after receiving such sound advice here on this site, My Husband and I decided to purchase a small travel trailer that we can tow with the vehicle we already own and shall begin going out on some trips for a week or two weeks at a time with the dogs and will keep our home, My Husband said Again he didn't want to let Everything go that we worked so hard for so we are Both happy with the new plans, Thank You to those who so kindly posted regarding this matter as it really helped and hopefully We in some way have helped others too as I'm sure we are not the only one's thinking whether full time is a Good Idea, Safe and Happy Travels Everyone

Jun 01, 2019
On the road
by: Kel

We are on the road about 4-5 months a year. I second the previous comment about being on the same page about full timing. You also have to really like the person you are traveling with cause it's 24/7 in a small space. We both love our time on the road. In fact there is a bigger adjustment coming back home. Health is another large issue. Things can change dramatically in a heart beat.

Jun 01, 2019
Good advice
by: Susan & Peter

I agree: try it out before you commit. You can keep your house, find a renter for it while you take a nice turn around the country, to see how well it works for you. Either rent an RV or buy one that will be easily sellable if you change your mind(s). I'm guessing that 4 to 6 months should make it clear to both of you whether this is a good lifestyle for you.

My husband and I have been doing 2- to 4-month trips for many years, and planning a 6-month trip soon. Every time we talk about selling our house and going full-time, but every time we come home to our charming little house and garden in a lovely community, and decide to stay.

You can decide to have the best of both worlds!

Of course, if you give up your house you stop paying property taxes....

Jun 01, 2019
Appreciate Your Thoughts
by: Lucy

Your site is a wealth of information and the thing I like is you are so down to Earth and don't try to Sugarcoat Anything. Safe and Happy Travels to You Both ☺

Jun 01, 2019
If you're not on the same page now....
by: Marianne

Why not buy a used RV (not as big an investment) and go for several months at a time to see if he'll come around to the idea. If not, you should be able to sell the RV or keep it just for shorter trips. Full time is a HUGE commitment, not that easy to reverse, and if you're not on the same page about it, I think your relationship will be sure to suffer.

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