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Could not Turn Around on the Road to Nowhere

by Bill Hobson
(Oakville ,Ontario Canda)

Two years ago, on our trip from Toronto, Canada to Haines, Alaska (with a 99 Silverado extended cab pulling a 25-foot 5ver), we inadvertently took the wrong road. The narrow tree-lined route offered no way to turn our almost 50-ft combo. To add to our travelling pleasure, mother nature graced us with a lovely, sudden hail storm. Being a newbie RVer (I bought the 86 5vr expressly for the trip), my backing-up skills were negligible.

Thankfully, the storm finally ended and we were able to creep along the now unpaved road. It soon became evident that this road would soon become nonexistent as its condition and makeup continued to degrade. We had just about given up on ever getting the whole rig out when fate smiled upon us once more. A clearing on our right that contained logging equipment sat there . We got out, checked the stability of the gravel and rock surface, and made the only decision possible.... Turn our home on wheels around here or become food for the occasional Grizzly we had seen. After much consternation, gear slamming, and oaths relief we finally achieved what I thought was impossible.....we had turned around (with limited damage to our rig and pride).

We stayed the night at our boondock home site (all the while clutching our bear spray and whistles) and, when morning came, left with an unspoken prayer on our minds. "Please grant me the gift of knowing where I'm going and how to get there safety" was the main kiosk of that thought. It has become the main base for the travels that followed this trip.

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May 17, 2019
MH ftw!
by: Anonymous

Every example above is another reason to RV in a motorhome.

Jun 22, 2014
Bicycle might work
by: Linda

Doing research for boondocking sites I've heard lots of stories about tight spots and not being able to turn the unit around. Being a worrier, I needed a solution to this problem before we begin our travels. I think a bicycle that is easily accessible would work. Pull the Rv over to the side of the road, hop on the bicycle and take a nice little jaunt down the road in question. Riding is great exercise after sitting in the tow vehicle or motor home sedate, and will relieve the stress of the not knowing what waits down the unfamiliar road. Of course don't forget to take your bear spray with you while exploring!

Oct 07, 2013
Scary road
by: Kel & Julie

We love to boondock camp and do so almost exclusively, towing a 20' trailer with an F-150. We had an experience several years ago that was scary. We were told about a boondocking area near Las Vegas along Lake Mead that was accessed by a road called Kingman Wash Access Rd. This road is about one mile southeast of the new bridge across the Colorado River off of Hwy. 93. We asked someone about the road and were told it would be no problem. Obviously they were not RVers. It was only 2-3 miles down this road, but, the road slowly deteriorated to a narrow, rough, steep, one lane road with big drop-offs on both sides, with no place to turn around. We made it to Lake Mead rather shaken. It was a beautiful area, but we were so shaken and worried about getting back out that we couldn't enjoy it. One lesson for us was to make sure we get advice on roads from a person with RV experience.

Oct 07, 2013
Good story
by: Susan in Saugerties

That's why we opted for a small camper on a pickup truck: nothing to tow, no problems backing or turning. On the other hand, we don't have a story to match this one!

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