Destination Mississippi in a Ford F-150 with Eco Boost

by Irma Heras
(Amarillo ,Texas )

OCTOBER 18,2012 - we departed Amarillo, Texas to attend the christening of the new USS America LHA-6 in Pasagula ,Mississippi. We first stopped in the little town of Munsteur, Texas where we bought German sausage, a huge slab of munsteuchees, German mustard and souerkraut.

We spent the night in our nephew's house near Dallas where we were treated to a delicious meal. Next morning after a breakfast from the dollar menu at MacDonald's, we traveled to Rice, Texas to tour the Casita RV factory but we didn't order one yet. We have to sell a house we are remodeling to sell.

We stayed overnight in the parking lot of several Cracker Barrel Restaurants, sleeping inside our truck. In Gulf Port, Mississippi, we splurged and spent two nights at the Navy Lodge.

Oct 20th, my husband, a navy chief, joined up with some of the old crew of the original USS America CVA-66 and new crew members of the new AMERICA. How proud he looked in his uniform after 25 years of navy retirement. The ship will be carrying 2000 marines and 20 OSPREY planes that are made here in Amarillo.

On our way home we visited the Civil War battle fields in Vicksburg, Mississippi. In Belchar, Louisiana we met a wonderful WWII veteran who built a war memorial to honor the veterans of all wars. We had found the memorial purely by accident and it became the highlight of our trip as we were invited to his home and spent a couple of hours listening to his war stories.

Upon entering Texas by way of Texarkana, we travel on to Clarksville - the 2nd oldest town in Texas and a very quaint & friendly historical town.

My husband was finally able to keep his promise to take me to Paris. TEXAS THAT IS. Paris, Texas where again we found another War Memorial. This one still under construction. My husband & I are both on the board of the Texas Panhandle War Memorial. We enjoy visiting memorials everywhere we go.

We traveled very frugally and our trip cost us less than $600 for an 8-day trip traveling more than 2500 miles.

We had a wonderful trip with several adventures, met many friendly people, and the only thing that went wrong was when a wasp stung me on my lip when he wanted me to share the German sausage I was eating. A man gave me a piece of chewing tobbaco and said it would take the stinger out and take away the pain. It worked though I have no desire to chew tobbacco anymore but chewing tobbacco will be added to our first aid kit.

If we had a dollar for each time we wished we had bought the Casita Spirit Deluxe, we wouldn't have to wait to sell the rental property.

We would like to invite you to visit Palo Duro Canyon if you happen to be traveling near Amarillo. We especially invite you to visit our War Memorial located on I-27 and the Georgia St. exit.

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