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Earthquake Rattles RV in Southwest Arizona

by Rattlesnake Joe
(Arizona desert)

The recent Mexican Earthquake had our rig rocking and rolling. At first I thought some of our friends here in the RV park were pulling a joke on us as we live in a 17 foot fiberglass "egg" travel trailer. My wife asked me, "Is that the wind?"

Having grown up in southern California, I was aware that it wasn't the wind. I was actually having fun enjoying the ride as our little trailer rode the waves of shock. Knowing that we were safe, I told her "not to worry just have fun, as our rubber tires will let us have a good ride." So, RVers don't have to worry about earthquakes because we aren't attached to Mother Earth.

Funny how they claimed it was a 7.2 earthquake but, by the time it reached us in the USA it had dwindled down to a 6.9 on the Richter Scale. Is our Government telling us the truth? Or are they hiding from us the fact that the weather is going berserk, that we are in an earth-tilting cycle that will end with us having to swim mile-high tidal waves?

Wax your board and get ready for the RIDE of your life!

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