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Electrical and Gas Inspections on Imported TT

by Wendy

Can someone clear something up for me.

I want to buy a TT from USA (like to buy in Canada but no dealers nearby offering what I want) .. RIV says it needs 4 things only (customer service emailed this) ...1. valid VIN 2. US SOC from OEM 3. label showing GVWR and 4. label showing tire pressure ... they didn't mention the recall letter.

I asked about plumbing and electrical requirements and meeting CSA. They informed me (email) that they do not regulate or verify CSA compliance. They said contact CSBA or provincial licensing office.

My question is ... who checks on whether the electrical or propane meets provincial standards? I see Jayco has an extra charge to make sure it is compliant but if I buy a unit from the dealer and it does not have the CSA ... who checks on this?

Feedback, experience on this appreciated.

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