Exporting from the US

by Vic Whitmore
(Thornhill ON & Mexico!)

You have omitted one very important aspect of buying in the US for importation into Canada. The US requires notification 72 hours in advance of your arrival at the border crossing. You need to send, by FAX, courier, or mail, the vehicle information, including the VIN to the US border crossing. Not all crossings support this. For example, in the Niagara area, the crossing point is Lewiston NY.

The vehicle export information is included on the US Customs and Border Services web site:

A list of entry points can be found here:

If you are importing into Ontario, you will pay GST at the Canadian border. After your RIV approval comes through, you can then register it. When registering in Ontario, you will then pay the PST. With the up-coming HST, this may change.

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Jul 26, 2014
Buying a US RV in Canada
by: Nick

I'm discussing a trade type deal, my Canadian airplane for a US RV plus cash. Has anyone purchased a US RV privately from a US citizen while they traveled in Canada?



Feb 19, 2014
US Customs - Exporting from USA to Canada
by: windyspirit

Also for those 72 hours, the vehicle has to be in the United States and NOT in Canada. Your paperwork - title and Bill of Sale have to be given to US Customs at least 72 hours before you can import to Canada. They check the title as well as any money owed to US entities - ie liens etc.

Dec 03, 2013
Vehicle Registration Year
by: Marianne (moderator)

Actually, I think this difference in the actual year of the manufacture can happen anytime with RVs - even when not importing. Our first Roadtrek was called a 1987 model but it was built on a 1986 Dodge Van.

Unless it's a trailer, RV manufacturers build the camper aspects onto a new chassis but it may be near the end of that year or it takes them a few months to build it. Now they'll sell it as the current year's RV model but it will always be registered under the year that the vehicle (chassis) was built.

Jun 02, 2012
RV registration changing years in Canada
by: Anonymous

Did anyone experience buying a rv in the US and have to get it regestered a year older in canada, because the chassis was made the year before the motorhome?

May 24, 2011
re: 72 hr notice
by: PhilO

I'm in the process of importing a travel trailer, and from what I've seen on the USGovt Customs site, and the dealer I'm buying from, the 72 hr notice does not apply - it applies only to "self propelled" vehicles or RV's.

Jan 09, 2010
My response
by: Marianne (moderator)

Thanks Vic,
Exactly the kind of info I was hoping to get from "seasoned veterans." I was aware of the 72-hour border delay and did mean to mention it...I'll update the page, also adding the other websites you referenced.

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