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Extending the Power of Water

by Donna Rammo
(Halifax NS Canada)

Travelling, camping, boondocking all use so much water that we have to find, carry and monitor.

To make that water go farther and do more, consider adding "tea tree oil" as a partner to your travelling kit.

Pure tea tree oil (a broad spectrum germicide, fungicide, and bacteriacide) can be used DILUTED with water in a spray bottle for cleaning counters, for teeth as a mouthwash, for moldy clothing in the laundry, sprayed in stinky hiking boots or on feet, on bug bites, in toilets and mixed with lavender as a spray room freshener.

Tea tree oil should NOT BE INGESTED.

A small bottle goes a long way, does not have to be rinsed off with water, is safe when used as indicated, has many, many more uses (check internet or booklet that often comes with the oil) and, in most cases, does away with the need for much harsher, toxic products.

I carry a tiny bottle with me every day even when I am not on the road. It is in our first aid kit (along with other alternatives like Rescue Remedy cream and drops and Goldenseal powder for cuts and Tigerbalm for aching joints)

We believe more natural is better....and try to use products that are safe for us and the enviroment and that have multi uses.

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