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Fantastic Topic

by no name please
(Southwest USA)

Thanks Marianne for starting this subject/topic. As a soon-to-be solo traveler, and not so outgoing socially, my biggest fear in starting this journey is boredom and lack of human interaction.

As a single male, approaching 50, I wonder how many couple's would really "invite" me to their campsite for an occasional chat, dinner, etc. I would think a couple would be drawn to another couple for chat/dinners, not a single guy camping alone.

I realize you had success on your solo journey but I sense a solo woman would get invited to chat/eat at a campground far quicker than a solo man. I guess we will find out soon enough.

I realize it will be up to me to become a bit more social and outgoing, and I'm quite friendly with "hello's", etc., but I often find after the initial "hello, nice weather we are having" or "hello, how do you like your Lance camper", that its hard for me to keep the conversation going. Perhaps more open ended questions are in order.

And in case you are wondering, no, I am not some crazy looking creepy guy. Most would say I'm quite nice, handsome, approachable. It's just the sometimes "shyness" probably hurts some.

Anyway, great job in sharing tips for beginners. I'm sure even seasoned traveler's will benefit from this topic.

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Nov 14, 2011
Enjoy Your Own Company
by: jean

Not sure who you were actually writing this to. I do enjoy my own company a lot as a matter of fact. But I would also like to meet and chat with others along the way. I need to push myself to chat with strangers. I have 2 pets and intend to strike up conversations with other pet owners. Both my dogs are shelter rescues - the only kind I'd have.

Jun 30, 2011
Enjoy Your Own Company
by: Anonymous

Can't you enjoy your own company? Why the need to run out and make pals out of everybody?

Or at the very least, get a pet. You don't have to be shy with a pet, they love you when you look like heck, they don't judge and maybe, they will give you the confidence to chat to other pet owners....and also you'll never be lonely when you travel. And if it's a rescue pet, they KNOW, and they'll love you all the more, and you will benefit exceeeedingly!

Jan 09, 2011
Two Steps Forward, One Step Back
by: Jean


Thanks so much for your response. You give me real hope. I do like to be alone, probably, more often than not but not all the time. I've always lived within 2-3 hours of my children. This first (real)trip is a year long from Alabama to see my sister in CA through the upper, SouthWest. Then stay in CA a while then head back through the lower SouthWest. This will be a long time away from my "comfort zone" and all I've ever known.

But... I'm still very excited about the whole experience and can hardly wait to get started!!

thanks again


Jan 09, 2011
Two Steps Forward, One Step Back
by: Marianne Edwards

Hi Jean,

Like you, I too carry remnants inside of the quiet wall-flower I used to be. In high school, I was so shy that I turned beet-red if I had to speak to anyone other than my one or two closest friends. Even my friendships were strained - I was never confident that they would last. Yet, those who know me now, would never guess that.

For me, building self-esteem took place slowly, over many years of forcing myself to try new things - always pushing myself just a little bit outside of my comfort zone. Often the result was a quick retreat but, still, there were benefits; the next time, I was slightly more comfortable and didn't retreat as quickly. (Two steps forward and one step back.)

I've come to realize that I find a certain comfort in being my reclusive old self. What if I give that up? Will I have to be "on" all the time?

One of the really great things about RVing is that you'll have many opportunities to "remake" yourself, speeding up the growth process. Every time you arrive in a new location, where no one knows you, it's an opportunity to be someone new - whoever you want to be. You can put yourself "out there," knowing that, no matter what, you can make a quick retreat at any time, by simply moving on. In the next campground, I may just keep quietly to myself. Or, maybe not...

Jan 05, 2011
Solo Female Shy
by: Jean

I too am about to begin my retirement trip in my little Coachman. I think I'm shy, although most people laugh at me for even suggesting that I'm shy. I guess my problem is that it takes me a while to warm up to people. Like you, I can say "Hello" but to avoid not being invited to a chat, I just keep walking. I don't want to interfere with couples or groups as I feel like they are involved with something of their own and I won't fit in.

It does worry me! I have promised myself once I get on the road, just to stave off loneliness, I'll just have to push. I guess it's like guys asking girls out, you may get turned down a lot but eventually someone will say "Hi" back.

Thanks for this wonderful site and the blog.

Dec 29, 2010
Don't Worry
by: Bud Corwin

Hey there, no name,
If you are as you say, don't worry about being invited to join in at others sites and goings on. Believe me when I say, campers in general are the best people on earth. They will go out of their way to make you feel part of the community. Get over the shyness and live.

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