Flush Toilet With Grey Water

by Joel
(Birmingham, AL)

Consider connecting an RV water pump to dump cap with a hose connection. Route a small water line to T at the inlet to your toilet, install one on/off valve in the house water line ahead of the T and another in the grey water line. Then connect the 12 volt electrical to a switch near the toilet. Open the grey water dump valve, position the valves so the house water is off and the grey water is open, turn on the pump and flush away.

Joel - 2006 View - Birmingham

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Jun 17, 2021
Check valve
by: Anonymous

Just put in a check valve between the fresh water tank and the T valve. No chance to contaminate teh fresh water.

Jan 11, 2015
Dangerous design configuration
by: John

If you accidentally leave both valves open, you will pump grey water into your fresh water tank.

Nov 28, 2014
potential contamination
by: Dan

If you T into your fresh water line even at your toilet it still is your fresh water. You will be pushing that grey water and black as they usually both exit from the same place. As the suggested grey water source cap is being added to the main drain location.This will potentially contaminate the entire drinking water system. In my humble opinion.

Jan 22, 2012
I like your idea Joe but ...
by: Sleg

I try to be frugal by doing the same thing except I will use a plastic tub in the sink, etc. then use that water to flush the toilet. By turning off the pump prior to use, the toilet will not use fresh water except for what you dump into it prior to use. Then flush away when finished. This provides the needed water for the process and avoids using fresh water.

Another way is to disconnect the p-trap for the two sink drains and have them dump into a bucket. So I think we both have a great idea on saving and now there are three choices on how to do it.

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