Fuel Prices

by Bud Corwin
(Apache Junction, Arizona)

This story is more about what we, my wife and I, will probably not do this year. Normally we are workcampers. We travel to different parts of these great United States each spring to work in campgrounds in return for our site plus other perks.

As we stay in Apache Junction, Arizona during the winter months, we generally travel anywhere between 500 to sometimes more than 2000 miles to our destination.

Well, with the price of diesel fuel at and even over $4.00 a gallon already, we will probably just go to northern Arizona this year.

I for one feel that the oil companies are ripping us off again and think it's high time we all started doing something about it.

If all us full-timers and part-timers would stay close to home this year, we might make a difference in the importation of oil, which we don't need in the first place.

If you would like to hear more on my thoughts on this issue, you can contact me at my email address which is listed below.

[email protected]

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