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Gazeteer Atlas Books

Q. We have a 32' class-A (travel with 3 dogs) all set up for solar. This year we went over a 125 days without paying for a campsite. Love it! We have the Gazeteer atlas books.. do your books show much the same info? Take care and hope to run into you someday...

Marianne's Reply: Yes we also use the Gazeteer (or sometimes Benchmark) atlas books. They (vaguely) point out the public lands areas and the roads that cross them but don't really tell you what the condition of the road is, where to find the campsites, or what size RVs can access the camping areas. That's what I do (along with other things) in my ebooks.

Actually, is it my imagination or were the Gazeteer Atlas books better a few years ago? I think that the recent editions no longer give as clear details as before for public land boundaries.


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May 10, 2010
GPS [Global Positional System]
by: Rattlesnake Joe

The company Delorme makes a hand held GPS that I hear teams up with their Gazette map books and seems to me the way to look for Boondocking areas. Also Delorme has a brand new GPS [PN 60w] that now combines a hand held GPS with a PERSONAL LOCATOR. So if you get hurt while out in the wilds you can contact emergancy services and be found by helicopters to pick you up and fly you to the hospital. The cost is around $550.00 and is CHEAP insurance for your health.

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