Going in Reverse

by Earle Hasney
(Hemphill, TX, USA)

Q. Glad to find your website. We have been going frugal since around 1970; however, we lived on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and traveled during the summer to Northern Canada!

We started with an Army Tent, graduated to a Concord Travel Trailer, to a Wayfarer Motor Home, to an AVCO Motor Home, and finally to Allegro Motor Home. I will say right now my preference is the 24'-Concord trailer or the 22'-Wayfarer, simply because so many of the National Park campsites are limited to 28'.

The AVCO, well - it was my baby. We bought it almost as a shell and I was able to redo it with the equipment I thought was pertinent. The AVCO, however, went under with Katrina so we come to the hulk, Allegro.

We also had a problem, we're 80 years old and my wife has MS. There's a great problem for those that are wheel-chair-bound with most RVs: embarking, and debarking! Anyway, we found this Allegro with a wheel-chair lift; however, it's a diesel pusher, 39'. Oh my goodness, you need a Walmart parking lot just to turn the thing around! Still, I guess that it's better than nothing, (arguable)!

All of the listed RVs were bought used, and aside from the Allegro and the Concord, all had carburetors, which meant I could perform all maintenance except major breakdowns.

It was a whole different ball game in the seventies and eighties. There were not the number of RV dumps and many RV courts ran on the honor system. Sorta like the National Forest Service, just put your money in an envelope and deposit it in a slot.

I am sorry, I have gotten way off course. The reason for writing was to find out if any readers have traveled up to Dease Lake, B.C.? This used to be way, way, out of the way. What kind of problems have you had? Is it worth the trip??

How about boarder crossing these days? I am retired military, and both my wife and I have military I.D.. Is that sufficient to re-enter the U.S.? Perhaps there are other places that are way, way out of the way, that I can navigate the Allegro to. Don't get me wrong, I'll take it anywhere as long as I can turn it around.

Second, I want to subscribe to your newsletter and I think your reply got thrown out in the trash, please subscribe me. Thanks, Earle

Marianne's Reply: I've added you to the newsletter subscription, Earle.

We've stayed with older vehicles for the same reason - so that Randy can still do most of the maintenance. Soon, unfortunately, everything on the roads will be computerized and out of reach for the average home mechanic.

I hope one of my readers can fill you in on Dease Lake and also that someone reading this is ex-military and can answer your question about re-entry to The States. As far as I know, a passport is now required for everyone but there may be certain exceptions.


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