Great Colors

by Kel and Julie
(Paw Paw, MI)

One of our favorite boondock sites

One of our favorite boondock sites

We RV boondock camp almost exclusively and have been for over ten years. Our first year RVing, we camped mostly in campgrounds. They were OK but not the experience we wanted, plus the cost involved meant we couldn't travel as long nor as often as we wanted.

We really enjoy being out on our own, often without another RV in sight. We continue to discover new places and revisit our many favorites.

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Jun 05, 2010
by: Kel

The answer to peoples questions is that this site is located in extreme southern Utah, off of US 89 about 35 miles east of Kanab. It is located about five miles along the Old Pareah (Paria) Road. This road should not be traveled when it is wet. When dry it is fine for small and medium RV's. We have pulled our 26' travel trailer here several times. Road conditons can be checked at the Paria Contact Station on US 89. Also this a great place to stop and get information on things to do and places see in this area. There is great hiking to do in the surounding area, and fabulous scenery.

May 24, 2010
Do We Win A Prize
by: Rattlesnake Joe

I'll make a wild guess and say The Painted Desert? But that is on Navaho land and I don't think it is legal to camp on Indian land unless a camping area has been established since I was there in 1993?

Jan 16, 2009
A Guess
by: Dianne

My guess is Painted Gorge, Near Plaster City, just north of El Centro, California.

We spent a few nights there in March 2007. Very Colorful! Boondocking is allowed and there were even a few tents too. Unfortunately these belonged to kids with ATVs. That took away from the serenity of the place.

I don't think we could see the gorge from where we were camped but there was more than one road in.

Jan 16, 2009
Is It In Death Valley?
by: Cecil, St. Paul, MN

This place reminds me of Artists' Palette in Death Valley. Lots of color in layers. I don't think this is the same place because I think there was more gray and blue and not as much red in the colors and unless the rules have changed, boondocking wasn't allowed along that road when we were there a couple of years ago.

Jan 14, 2009
Where Is That Colorful Location?
by: Karen

Wow, sure looks like a beautiful boondocking spot! Where is it? I'm guessing somewhere in Utah or Arizona? Looks like no problem hauling a trailer into it.

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