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GST on Purchase

Do you have to pay gst on the total purchase price or on the difference paid when old RV was traded in? If you are coming down to purchase a RV, apparently there is a form so to fill in so you only have to pay the difference? Is that right?

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Nov 08, 2017
Paying GST
by: Marianne

You would like to think that there's no GST to be paid on the difference when there's a trade in. But it's in keeping with the way things work. Whenever we buy and sell any item, regardless of vehicle or other, the government demands their tax over and over and over again with every sale. Death and taxes - just a fact of life!

Nov 08, 2017
GST on trade in
by: Anonymous

I purchased a new toyhauler a year ago in Canada (I am a Canadian resident)and paid GST on the full amount which was well over 40,000.00 now if I trade that trailer in the USA, why should I have to pay GST on the full amount of the new trailer? The GST should only be paid on the difference as I paid the tax on the first trailer. We are paying this tax at the CANADIAN border, not the US, so they should recognize the fact that the GST was already paid once on the value of that trade need to pay it a second time...????

Dec 25, 2015
Tax is paid at the licence registration office
by: Marianne

I imagine it's the same as in Ontario - the seller doesn't collect the tax - it is calculated and paid at the Provincial vehicle licence registration office when you get your plates.

Nov 29, 2015
confused on taxes on a used camper
by: margaret

when I buy a used truck camper from a r.v. dealership in british Columbia should there be any gst or pst on the bill of sale?

Apr 02, 2010
Paying the PST and the GST
by: Barbara Shelly-Dyck

In BC, when we imported our motorhome last year, we paid the GST at the Border when signing our Importing paperwork. We paid the PST at the time of registering with ICBC. We weren't going to use our motorhome for a few months, so we were able to delay the registration and the paying of the PST by using storage insurance instead of licensing.

We are not sure how it will be paid when the HST comes into effect in BC in July.

No matter what kind of a good deal you get in the US, you will be taxed on the full Canadian value of the rig.

Apr 01, 2010
Tax on purchase
by: Marianne Edwards

You will have to pay the tax on the full value of your purchase - in other words, no allowance made for the trade-in. In some cases, if you bought below the book-value, you may have to pay based on the higher amount.

You will pay the tax here in Canada, at the time of registration at your provincial vehicle registry office. I don't know what form you're referring to, but doubt that there's any way around this.


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