He Works, I Don't. Now What?

by Marcie
(Bay Area, California)

My husband's job as an electrician keeps him on the road year round. Last year I left my job, we gave up our home in Denver and bought a motorhome so I could travel with him.

I am pretty good at keeping myself entertained but it gets a little lonely. Right now we are in a park with very few fulltimers so most of our neighbors are in and out before we even get a chance to meet them and, since they are here on vacation, they hit the dirt running every morning anyway.

Joining any kind of a club here in town is problematic since I don't know how long we will be here before Russ gets sent someplace else. Aside from burning up the cell phones lines and the internet every day I'm pretty much isolated here and sometimes I get a little of jealous of Russ because he at least has coworkers to talk to.

Last week I set up a blog about the nomad lifestyle hoping to find others in a similar working travelers situation as opposed to vacationers and retirees. Any other suggestions for getting myself back out there in the world would be greatly appreciated.

PS: It's not all bad! I'm finally fulfilling my lifelong dream of visiting every cheesy roadside attraction and tourist trap the country has to offer and now I do it without buying souvenirs that I don't have room for!

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Sep 08, 2015
Similar situation
by: Cheri

My husband works consulting jobs for 3-4 months at a time. Since we went full time RVing a year ago I have to go with him. I, too, can entertain myself most of the time but it does get very lonely. Very little to do in the area he works and most fellow campers are off to work in the day. We go back in January and I am trying to think of ideas to keep myself occupied and useful. I am thinking of signing up to volunteer somewhere, church, shelters, etc or a part time temp job ( I'm a retired RN but can't swing those 12 hour hospital shifts anymore. Ideas?

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