HELP is there a video or book for RV do I turn power on,fill up the water etc.

by Colleen

We have the Fourwinds motor home in our driveway, now what do we do? We want to go from Michigan to Colorado Springs in December then after four weeks of visiting the grandkids we want to head to Flordia. So what do we do first, don't even know how to turn the power was explained to us when we bought the motor home 22ft, but everything went so fast we are home and lost...

Comments for HELP is there a video or book for RV do I turn power on,fill up the water etc.

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Mar 15, 2016
Manual for 1985 champion Tel Star
by: Anonymous

We just purchased this motorhome and have been on the internet looking for a manual and can't seem to locate one anywhere. Anyone have any ideas?

Feb 01, 2016
RV 101 By Fred
by: Russ Lovell

I know this is an old post but people are still going to find this question, and the answers that go with it.

We found a guy who does seminars on this exact question: How do those things work in an RV? Water heater, fridge, etc. How best to hook up electric. What about your black tanks, how to flush and all that gook. Fred knows and I highly recommend him.

Here is his site: - Check him out. His book is only $10 bucks. Email him and he'll answer. He's a very cool cat.

Nov 02, 2015
please need help
by: Smokey Camping

I still find it amazing to me that with all that there is on the internet (ie: facebook, endless forums,and sites like this) that people would look to sites like this before looking or calling the dealer or company of the product they own.
You are like most including myself , the walk through that most dealers give " Is a HUGE waste of time" because most dealers look at the walk through as a waste of time instead of the training neeed that it really is.
So please try this like ( which is a link from the factory on most of the normal queestions people have on the rolling home.
So please enjoy your new found life in rving and Happy Camping

Oct 03, 2015

You may look in to this link to find your model's spect and care litérature at

Oct 03, 2015
by: Kel

Wow! Colorado in December for your first trip. Depending on how cold it is, you may have freeze up issues with fresh water and holding tanks. You might want to take a short trip soon to to try out and use all the systems in your unit. Good luck. It's a great life.

Oct 01, 2015
Want our checklist?
by: Peter & Susan

Good advice from Marianne: download the owner's manual.

Over the years, we've developed a personalized manual for running our Lance camper, with checklists for packing, shutting down, etc. Obviously, many of your systems will be somewhat different from ours, but you could use it as a basis for developing your own. If you like, we will mail or e-mail you a copy.

A word of advice: your refrigerator will run on propane, AC (plugged in to electricity) or battery. We suggest you NEVER run the refrigerator on battery, as it will drain your camper battery in a jiffy. The fridge runs efficiently on propane, and nowadays you can exchange empty propane tanks for full ones just about anywhere.

One of your management tasks will be to make sure you don't run out of propane (especially in December!). We have found that the gauges you put on the tank are useless. The only reliable way to determine the status of your tank is its weight; recently we bought a scale that sits under the tank, and so far so good (remains to be seen how durable it is).

Another management task will be your fresh water, grey water and black water tanks. We've learned to wash dishes with a miniscule amount of water, and flush the toilet with rinse water that we keep in a bottle. Look on this site for lots more water-saving tips.

Of course, if you plan to go from campground to campground, water & power management will be less of an issue for you than for those of us who like to go "off grid" as often as possible.

Oct 01, 2015
Manuals and help for Four Winds RV
by: Marianne

I believe Four Winds is manufactured by Thor. You can start by going to their
web site
Download the owners manual for your particular make and model and ask specific questions on that site or on the Thor Motorhome owners Forum.

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