How Current are Your Boondocking Guides?

Q.How Current are Your Frugal Shunpiker's Boondocking Guides?

A.We continually retrace our routes for each of the guides every few years. We just got back from spending 6 weeks, covering the New Mexico route and I'm now rewriting that guide. You're right, things do change, and with my type of info, I really must go back and see it again to confirm it with my own eyes. A lot of my customers tell me that's why they can trust the info in my guides.

They cover so much territory that we can't retrace it all more often than we do nor fully update the guides more often. Besides, it's not necessary; when we revisit the areas we generally find only minor changes plus I always seem to find new locations of interest which I then add. So the guides get a little bigger with each edition.

The edition dates represent the last significant update based on our travels through that area. If I hear of other changes between trips (usually from a traveler who's following my guides), I first confirm the details with local officials, then make the change. These revisions are more recent than the edition date would imply.

No matter when you purchase them, I'll send you all future editions for FREE so there's no need to wait. Just be sure to register your purchase and keep me informed of any change to your email address.

To answer your question more specifically: The latest edition dates for the guides are as follows:
New Mexico: 2011 (next edition, 2015, is underway)
California - both guides: 2011
Texas: 2013
Utah: 2013
Arizona: 2013

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Sep 06, 2016
major updates and minor revisions
by: Marianne

I update them roughly every 5 years or a bit sooner when possible. There are always a few changes (prices of course but that's to be expected) but not usually anything dramatic. Also, if there are major changes, my readers usually write to tell me about them and, in that case, I verify the information and update the file at that time. So, although the Texas guide was last totally revised in 2013, I've made several minor changes to the file since then and you'll be receiving the most up-to-date information in the file you purchase. When and if there are major updates after you buy, I send the new file to all who have purchased the guide.

Aug 27, 2016
boondocking guides for 2016/2017
by: Anonymous

We are hoping to travel this winter from Ontario to Florida and Texas. Would your guides still be up to date for this time? Would love some of your handy tips

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