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How to keep heat from coming thru the large shower sky light

by Cheryl R.
(Caldwell, Idaho)

We have a 2016 28ft Cougar travel trailer. We are retired and cannot but would like to travel on hot days except for the following issue. It has one air conditioner that was checked and is running correctly. Have blocked all the smaller sky lights (that can be opened) with a thick square foam insert. These have kept the heat and cold out. My problem is with the larger (unopenable) shower sky light. My problem is how to keep the trailer from getting so hot from the sun shining through this. Of course the thermostat is located in the bathroom too. Do they make a large foam insert for this skylight too? I am unable to find one. Someone had suggested for me to paint the outside of the dome but I do not know if that would work and/or peel off or cracking in the future. A second air conditioner was also suggested but would like to avoid that if possible. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Cheryl

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Dec 19, 2017
Reduce heat from the shower skylite
by: Harlow....

The way I handled this situation was to use some insulation that is thin and light and made from silver coated bubble wrap such as "Reflectix".
I purchased some 1 inch aluminum channel and made a 3 sided picture frame that fit around the skylight using the mounting screws for the skylight to hold it in place. I could slide the Reflectix in and out depending on the weather. It was more reflective than insulating but it did the job. Before I got the idea for the silver stuff I had a piece of cardboard but it didn't last in the shower.

Jul 12, 2017
probably better than foam
by: Marianne

Even better - thank you. Styrofoam would be better than foam. Since it's in the shower, foam would absorb moisture and begin to mold. Yuck!

Jul 11, 2017
Shower sky light
by: Bob

I cut styrofoam and squeezed it up in the

shower skylight. Where two pieces meet I put a

piece of duck tape to hold them together.

Jul 10, 2017
cut foam insert
by: Marianne

Is the skylight in a frame that you could fit something over it from the inside and have it fit inside the frame? If so, my suggestion is to buy rather thick foam (the kind they sell for mattresses or pillows) and cut it to fit quite snugly. You may have to add some type of adhesive to keep it up.

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