Is Arizona Safe Anymore ?

by Rattlesnake Joe

The BLM is putting up signs close to the border warning US Citizens not to camp below Highway 8 or close to the border. Not only is dope-smuggling and entry of illegal Aliens a big problem but KIDNAPPING is on the rise. So just boondock above Hwy 8 with a few other campers near you to play it safe. You'll have more fun Boondocking with others anyway.

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Feb 19, 2011
Yes, Arizona is safe....except for:
by: Anonymous

I am very familiar with Yuma, AZ and can say that the reports you hear on the news about the AZ border being unsafe does not apply to the Yuma area much. If I am not mistaken, Yuma was granted federal funds a few years ago and targeted as an area to concentrate on thus actually reducing illegal border crossings in the Yuma area. There is even a huge concrete fence for many miles in the middle of the sand dunes (South of I-8) that was erected a few years ago. TUCSON/NOGALES,AZ, however, is the area of AZ that is having issues.

Feb 16, 2011
Paranoid or Just Being Cautious?
by: Marianne Edwards

Perhaps there are other RVers, besides Rattlesnake Joe, who are currently traveling and camping in southern Arizona and would care to comment.

We're heading that way and expect to be in Tucson by the second week of March so we'll see for ourselves.

Although there is a known risk element near the border for several years now (parts of Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge have been closed since October, 2006) I haven't heard or seen any "official" warnings that upgraded the security alert recently.

Have these signs been posted for a while now, or are they new? Does the mere posting of the sign mean that the danger has escalated? Are residents of the area being told it's no longer safe to live below I-8?

I wonder how other RVers are experiencing this? If you've been in southern AZ recently, please share your experience and thoughts.

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