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It's a Marathon, not a Sprint

by Regina

Yes, we can attest to these differences a full-time RV'er experiences. We are a family with 2 boys in tow as we jumped into this memory-making lifestyle being the "Blueridge Drifters". This is definitely not a sprint, being just an extended vacation. We quickly found out we do not have the stamina to maintain the vacationing pace with this way of living. Rather we learned how important downtime was, especially road schooling the kids at the same time.

Back home people see this as only one long "fun time", where I admit that the responsibilities and stresses are different, but are still there. Instead of mowing the grass and fixing the house, we are constantly researching the next place to go, what to see, and fixing the constant issues on the 5th Wheel trailer. Sometimes we leave one campsite, unsure of where we will end up that night.

While the joys, memories, and experiences we've had together as a family have totally been worthwhile, a family must definitely realize the costs you've shared do exist when you do not have a home base. (This time with family has become particularly special as I ended up with brain surgery right after we began our travels.) However, the friends back home asked to be kept informed on all of our journeys, so I started my blog: This helps keep in touch and process the crazy marathon adventure as we go.

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