Just getting started - Rover is Ready are we?

by Theresa Neff
(Ooltewah, TN)

For 40 years we have dreamed of being Full Time RVers. So once we found the perfect RV (called Rover) the "plan" started coming together. Like a snow ball it rolled slow and is now going a 100 miles per hour.

Last year we renovated our home, picked a date to retire from our jobs (April 2015) and slowly started the little things. We applied to be camp host locally to our home base and surprise we got an assignment from December to May in the North GA Mountains. Oops...retirement is going to come early!

So another plan was developed to deck out "Rover" for winter living and the house went on the market. We posted the house on the internet on a Thursday and we had a contract on Saturday....What?! Change in plans! We were hoping to have all winter to organize, pack, store, etc. Now we have only 30 days....Rover is getting so fat!

So, in packing out the house with piles going to Goodwill, trash, my 2 children and Rover of course it was getting harder and harder to know what to keep out for living in the house until we could get into Rover permanently. So we decided to go ahead and move into Rover a week early.

The first night we ran out of propane. The next day we found little presents from some field mice and a nice string of ants. After work we stopped at the store for bait and ant spray.

We settled in for the evening, turned on the water heater and the furnace. Then a terrible noise and smell came from the furnace. The water heater flame was sputtering & spitting. Now what!!?

The next morning Rover went straight to the ER at Camping World. They discovered that Rover "hates mieces to pieces". He torched a couple of them with the furnace!

The ER Techs, cleaned Rover up completed his yearly check up early and we took him back to the camp site.

And so our adventure begins and we are not officially on the road. Part of me would like to say "stay turned for more miss-adventures of the Tennessee Rover" but the other part of me says no more adventures such as these....<;o)

See you around....Rover's mom

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Nov 16, 2014
How exciting!
by: Susan & Peter

Godspeed, Theresa & husband! Peter and I have talked about doing this so many times, but we love our little house in a lovely CoHousing community too much. So far, only 3- and 4-month jaunts, talking about 6 months or a year...

I look forward to seeing further posts as your new life unfolds.

Re: your water heater -- we suggest you consider disconnecting it, because it takes so much propane to keep the water hot for the few times a day that you want it. We heat water in a teakettle for dishwashing and spongebathing. Once a week or so we find a place for a shower & shampoo, sometimes a campground, sometimes a truckstop, sometimes a friend's house.

One thing we've enjoyed during our travels is to increase our skill in finding free places to stay over. Sometimes you need a bit of chutzpah!

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