Keeping Warm or Cool.

by Ede

We've found that the portable propane heaters sold in the US (Big Buddy is one) are a great way to keep warm without having to worry about running down your battery - plus you can position the heater where you want it, instead of heating unused space (not a problem when you are in a camper).

To keep cool, we've just purchased a battery-operated fan - haven't had a chance to try it out yet; however, an electric fan placed in an open window on the shady side of the RV and plugged into an inverter works well too. But it does run the battery down, so we're hoping the battery-op. fan works well.

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Aug 01, 2015
Sleeping warm
by: Kathy

We used to have a class B. Sleeping in a sleeping bag with an extra liner is terrific. Plus always remember to change into sleeping clothes... No matter how cold. The clothes you wore all day have moisture in them, which will make you cold while you sleep if you don't change.

Dec 27, 2014
Instant COOL for hot nights
by: Cathy

One time it was too hot to sleep in my little Class B even with a fan blowing over me and all the windows open. So I covered myself with a wet bath towel. That, plus the fan, created instant cool, and, finally, sleep.

Mar 11, 2013
12V DC warming mattress pad
by: jackfish

The ElectroWarmth Bunk Warmer is 36"x60" and uses about 3 amps, which is much less than an electric blanket, and the heat is under you. We put two across our 60"x74" queen size murphy bed, sleep under a down comforter, don lightweight merino wool caps, don't need the furnace at all, and only use no more than 48 Ah over night.

Jun 09, 2010
Try this!
by: Jim Schrankel

If you want a fan that moves a ton of air yet uses only 3amps of your battery, try the Endless Breeze by FantasticFan. A little pricey, but it will be one of your better investments to stay cool.

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