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Living In A Small Space And Water And Waste Tanks

by Morris

Q. Really enjoy your website, and that it is from Canadians. It's given me a whole new perspective on RV's, which I always associated with $300K motor homes and paved ugly campgrounds that look like parking lots.

Two questions: How can you live comfortably in such a small space? And is there enough capacity in your water and waste tanks to park for several days?

Marianne's Reply: We always say that we don't actually live in our RV. We travel in it, sleep in it, and usually cook inside but our living and dining room is the whole rest of the world -- the great outdoors. It's amazing how much you can comfortably carry and live with (and without) in a small space. Of course everyone's idea of what's "comfortable" is going to differ.

Water and waste tank capacity? Yes there is plenty for us to stay in one place for several days. Once again, we've learned to conserve.
The tips on this and many other aspects of how we do it, are in my ebook, Basic Boondocking that's a free bonus with the purchase of any of my ebook travel guides. I'm adding a web page, too, that will offer tips for water and waste management.

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