Love the no rule rules!

by Carolynn
(San Luis, Costa Rica)

Loving reading your perspective on our little space of paradise. And especially how fast you have adapted to the reality of the "15 rule" - LOL! It truly is a place of rhythm. The rhythm of daylight, the weather, the people and ... well, Costa Rica overall!

It was a pleasure to watch your enthusiasm and your perseverance for using the bus. One person shared it was only 10 years ago that Tilaran (the main town, closest to where we are in San Luis, with just under 9,000 people) had more horses than cars. Many locals do not have vehicles and the bus is the main mode of transportation.

In the 9 months we've been here we have watched our neighbour walk down the road with his multiple 10 gallon jugs of fresh milk in a wheelbarrow. Recently he purchased a quad which appears to make the rainy morning trek down the road of gravel and mud much safer (both for him and the milk)!

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