Marianne's Newsletter

by Sonny Dinger
(Patterson,La. 70392USA)

As I have been reading your interesting newsletter each time it arrives. It sure encourages me to travel again. I still have my class C RV. Just need to clean it up a bit, and go.

Now my question to you , Marianne, is why you never travel the East....thru the mountains with all the bluegrass music. This is where I long to go when I do start again.

Thank you for listening, and happy motoring, I would love to do just what you are doing , traveling & writing about it. I think I will get started very soon. I have my laptop which is wireless now, and my guitar and mandolin, and my iphone to take photos with, and up-load them, and maybe send them to AWAI .... that might work real good.

Thank you girl, you have inspired me.
Sonny Dinger

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Nov 14, 2011
RVing In The East
by: Marianne (moderator)

In 2001 we did travel through Mississippi, Tennessee, The Smokey Mountains, North Carolina, Virginia, along the Blue Ridge Parkway, to Washington DC, and back home through Pennsylvania. But, you are right, Sonny, we haven't travelled much by RV in the east. At least not YET!

You must remember, we started relatively young - in our late 40's and up until recently, worked for a year and half to then be able to take another half year off for travel. We fell in love with the desert, wanted a winter getaway, and usually our choice was to go back to what we knew and loved. That boondocking was readily available didn't hurt either.

More than a decade since we started, we're now into a new phase of our lives (semi-retirement) and hoping to travel more often - still for several months at a time. I'm sure that will mean striking out in a few different directions. The bluegrass music is calling us!

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