Q. Have you had any experience travelling down the Baja to Cabo San Lucas? Is it safe in a Class B RV?

A. Have to admit we have not done that (yet) ourselves. I have, however, heard from many RVers who have done it - often more than once - who insist the Baja is one of the safest areas of Mexico. And you can get by without much Spanish too, I hear.

I've also heard that most campsites are tight in Mexico so your B Class should be perfect.

If you're a bit nervous, why not plan to hookup with other RVers and travel together? One way is joining an organized caravan but they're expensive and you'd be on their schedule. Here's a web site dedicated to helping you connect with other RVers in the same situation. It will let you set up traveling together until you feel comfortable splitting up:

Mexico Road Trips

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