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Mixed Blessings for Airstream Newbies

Some days it's just so much fun and I feel "so happy" and wonder why all of our friends don't sell everything and join us...

Then there are other days..usually when something goes wrong...that I feel like I can't stand any of it...
I might even start to think about the big house we sold or my piano or my books and my art collection or my own office.. All the stuff of a life well lived..But also a ball and chain if you know what I mean....

Lucky for me I feel "so happy" most of the time..and really don't miss the responsibilities that come with that big home......need I list them?

When my husbands cancer begin to spread we decided to sell our home and go have an Adventure..who knew what the future held for us...after the cancer was stabilized we put the house on the market and it sold within a few weeks...Yikes! We did it!

Originally we were going to buy a boat..a motor yacht to be exact...look at those pictures in Yachting Magazine and you'll see what I mean..Oh boy! Not only for the Rich and Famous after all....(or so we thought)

We started looking at yachts even before we sold our house..we also started scaling down and getting rid of all of our "stuff" which went to family and friends or was sold or donated...Cathartic to say the least!

After selling our home we barrowed friends 1953 restored Air Float Trailer while we looked for the "perfect" boat that would not cause us to outlive our money...We moved to the local KOA..(Still here)...a little expensive but close to family and friends while we made the adjustment...(still adjusting)

Alas we had to give up on buying a boat to live on....too expensive..all of our friends that know about boats had a lot of advice for us..mostly overused sayings and clichés about boat ownership.. You may have heard some of these…..We finally came to the realization that it would be almost impossible to find a slip in a place that we wanted to live and even less of a chance to get live aboard status …Since we were not up to dropping anchor out in the ocean..too Adventurous for us..or for me any way..we gave it up and switched gears and started to hunt for the perfect Airstream to live in.

We have been here at KOA for 4 months..last month we purchased an 2006 Airstream..The great thing about buying an Airstream is the resale value is good..and..if we do some cool upgrades it’s almost a sure thing that we will get our money back….or so we think!

So, KOA...until May.. then we are going to go south for a month..San Diego and other beach areas...oh, we are in northern California now..then our plan is to travel to Truckee June 1st..looking forward to hiking, biking, kayaking in the lakes...we love Tahoe..

Also my sis and her husband have a home base in Truckee and a 5th wheel for their travels..we may caravan with them..sounds like fun to us..or we may join an Airstream Club..or who knows?..that's part of the fun..nothing set in stone..could not do that when we had our house....

To be continued, maybe...

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Feb 12, 2018
by: Anonymous

We moved to a condo but the idea of going full time attracts me. Our Canadian winters are so long and cold we are looking for a warm spot in Canada for winter. We thought we had found a spot but it is getting a lot of minus temps
This year. We have a 27 ft Winnebago just right for the two of us. How does cooking grab you? I miss having a big pantpantry and cook books not the garden as we expected

Feb 11, 2018
Thank you
by: Bob

I enjoyed your story so much. Sounds like my near future. I need surgery and six months to recover. Then, I leave. Sell house. Just leave it all. Finishing selling all stuff,

Feb 11, 2018
Thank you!
by: Marianne

What a great story. Wish you many great adventures and happiness where ever your travels take you.

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