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My First Time Boondocking

by Jeannie
(Hollister, CA)

My First Time Boondocking I wanted to share this story about my first time Boondocking and how it changed the mind of this once strictly indoors type of gal. When I was approached by my boyfriend to go out on a free campsite excursion, I quickly thought of every excuse not to go. Afterall, what happens when you’re all alone, that far out into the wilderness and plus — Bears! He reassured me that many people are safely boondocking now a days and there is a community of others who live their life on the open road with no issues. With boondocking, many times you leave your RV behind and there is always concern for theft when you do this. Would someone come by, see our RV unattended and help themselves to our new RV Parts from off your vehicle? How would you get home if they did? After some convincing, I joined along for the trip and loaded my stuff into the RV. It took some guts, but we walked away into the wilderness to camp and had an amazing time. This new total darkness, the huge black night sky, was more welcoming than fearful, as I once thought it would be, and the silence and peace of being far out from others really was an experience I didn’t realize I’d love so much. We gathered firewood and started a great fire to keep us warm and cooked some meats we had seasoned and brought along while catching up on quality time and really living back to basics. I walked away from that Boondocking experience much more willing to head out into the wilderness again and try new things. I’ve been on quite a few boondocking experiences since and as long as you are careful and cautious, I think it’s something anyone who is living the RV life, or not, should try at least once in their lifetime.

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Sep 06, 2017
The Beauty
by: Kel

You have found and we're open to the beauty of boondocking. Good on you!

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