New Hobby for You


Think about getting a metal detector and finding treasure out in the desert. You can find a good used one for cheep down here in Arizona. Just look at the bulletin board at the local stores and RV parks. Snowbirds flying north will sell at very good prices.

I like to find old house foundations or old mines. I metal detect and find all kinds of neat old stuff. Yesterday I found a rivet that was made from a Mexican silver coin and you could still read the date: 1893.

Even if you don't strike it rich, you'll have fun looking for and finding history. Every time I dig up an old musket ball I wonder what happened. Was there an Indian fight with the Cavalry? Today I found some old iron railroad spikes with numbers stamped on the heads. These are collectible, but I don't know how much they are worth.

Hit the ghost towns, old stage coach stops, and old camping places. You won't be bored but you may need a shed to put all your gold in as the little lady won't want a lot of old dirty gold in the trailer. tee hee hee.

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