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New (No-Wash / Save-Water) Pans

by Donna Rammo
(Halifax, Nova Scotia)

Just recently I bought (at Winners and a good price)a CERAMIC fry pan. This one in particular, is made in Canada by Paderno and is non stick and non toxic. The old teflon pans had a very scary out-gassing chemical problem, didn't last long, and were not very healthy.

This pan REALLY does not stick to anything I've cooked, goes up to a very high heat safely on stove or in oven, and only needs a paper wipe when finished....honestly! I can cook fresh mushrooms without any fat and they do not stick.

Look at all the fat AND more importantly WATER one can save while still cooking on the road!

Now if I could find dishes and cutlery made of the same washing on the road would be a thing of the past!

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