News To Me Too!!

by Karsten Askeland
(Niagara Falls, Ontario)

Have to admit that is news to me and I'm with Wayfarer's as well. Not that I have ever been out of Canada for that long. But it's good to know.

For some reason I thought Canadians were only allowed in the US for six months, unless you applied for an extension. Then that could have some bearing on health insurance coverage by OHIP.

Too much to think about.

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Aug 24, 2013
Travel to US More than Six Months
by: Marianne Edwards

The USA restricts Canadians from being in the country more than 6 months without a visa...but you can apply for a visitor visa.

Ontario health insurance lets us be out of province for up to 7 months out of every 12. However, few people know they can ask OHIP for a two-year extended coverage period. We did it once for one year but could have had two...It was easy to get and we didn't have to stipulate any reasons - just wanting it for travel was good enough.

Another thing many Canadian's aren't aware of: Both limitations (for health and auto insurance) are about being out of the province, not the country - so even if you're traveling in Canada the restrictions apply.

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