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Outdoor Showers

by Art

Hi Marianne;

One device we purchased last summer and use a lot up near Bancroft was a portable shower unit from Coleman. (Available at Canadian Tire, watch for it to go on sale.)

We collect rainwater in a large clean garbage can and that is our sole water supply. The unit can be charged as we drive and gives us HOT water instantly.

I think this is a good option for people who want to boondock but don't have a shower.

Just a thought


Marianne's Reply and an Update:

A great suggestion Art, and thanks for sharing it!

For us, and I think for many boondockers, the issue about showers is two-fold: water and power consumption. While this doesn't help with water (if we were camped where it's raining enough to collect shower water, we wouldn't be happy campers), it does address the power issue. It may appeal to tent campers who have even less access to power.

For those who want more information, I presume this is the unit you're talking about. It's called the Coleman Hot Water On Demand Kit and had many rave reviews on the Canadian Tire web site; however, as of 2013, I notice they no longer carry it. Those interested may wish to check
the Coleman web site. It's not cheap at the regular price (more than $300.00) so a sale would be worth waiting for.

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