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Part-time or Full-time?

by Susan
(Saugerties, NY)

My husband and I travel in a little Lance slide-in camper. We've been out on the road for as long as 3 months, quite a number of times. We never miss our home or our family! We get along great, even in the tiny space. Both of us tend to be introverts, so it's natural to spend a lot of quiet time. We find wi-fi every few days, to touch base with our family and other commitments.

Every time we're heading home, we talk about how we could sell the house and happily live on the road. This last time, there were several conversations, each lasting hours. Finally, we agreed that we don't really think we should give up our dear little house in a warm, close, cooperative CoHousing community in the beautiful Hudson River Valley. The main reason is that we expect to hit an age where we won't be able to live on the road, at least not as comfortably and safely as we do now. At that point, we'll want to be back in our supportive community, close to our friends, family and doctors that we know, not starting anew in a strange place.

I'm 69, Peter 66; we hope to have many happy, healthy years of roaming still to come. Our next trip will be 6 months, renting out our house for gas money. California, Olympic Peninsula, Yosemite, Badlands, Grand Canyon, Hot Springs (everywhere), here we come!

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