Party Goers Looking for Trouble

by Dee Ann Lang
(Quebec Canada)

We were actually spending the night in a National Forest. Being early spring, we didn't expect too many campers at a park with no services. Alone when we first arrived, we had a neighbor a few hours later who settled in only two sites away.

Needless to say, we were initially annoyed, not only by his arrival, but his story of why he was there, where he was going, and of course, throwing in that he had a gun.

Later that night, as we prepared to go to bed, I heard loud, drunken shouts from the group campground at the entrance to the NP. When a third camper came into the campground, the drunken party goers followed him in, shouting and revving their engine.

We were suddenly very happy to have two other campers in the campground... one with a gun.

But our big, huge mistake:
When we first arrived that afternoon, we unhitched our car and drove to a trailhead to hike then returned to the campground and parked our car in front of our motorhome.
Having spent the winter in a "safe" campground, we didn't even think twice about that, until this revving car came roaring in and we realized we were boxed in.
Everything turned out fine, but never again, no matter where we are.

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Oct 13, 2015

by: Marianne

No matter where we are, we try to remember to always park with a quick escape route in mind. Not only in case trouble finds us, it could also be for an entirely different reason, i.e. a sudden medical emergency in the middle of the night.

Glad it all worked out okay for you and we can all learn from eachother's mistakes. Thanks for sharing.

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