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Pet Friendly?

by Linda Selkirk
(Guelph, ON Canada)

We have two medium size quiet dogs and they love our RV. What I find very frustrating is the on-the-leash-at-all-times attitude at so many parks. Then compare this with other parks who have a large leash-free area for the dogs to romp with other dogs. This is a huge factor for me. Watching my dogs sitting miserably on a leash all the time just doesn't cut it.

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Mar 25, 2018
Not everyone loves your pets
by: Anonymous

You should keep in mind not everyone likes to be around loose and sometimes very unruly dogs. If I have paid money for a spot in an rv park or in a national forest or even just BLM land and then someone comes along and turns their dogs loose to snoop around other camp sites or worse barking and chasing at anything that moves that more or less ruins my camping experience wouldn’t you say much the same as if I had a pack of unruly screaming yelling brats that I just let run loose in the camping area because I could tell they were just miserable staying in their area behaving themselves.

Sep 23, 2014
husky team on the road.
by: Dori


We have a mini husky team and will be traveling with them on the road. It will be interesting as we have to watch the heat. We also can NOT let them off leash. EVER. But usually they have a yard to play in. We do race/ train them on a bike/ scooter - called bikejoring or scootering. This tires them out and they sleep most of the day.

Start your morning with a good job with your dog or long walk and they will be fine. I am not about to 'get rid of my dogs' but I also want to RV so we blend and make the best we can for our furs. Have a pawsome trip.

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