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Poccia's Principle

by Susan J. Murphy
(Saugerties, NY, USA)

My husband has been camping for a lot longer than I -- he started as a boy scout, and has crossed the country on his motorcycle twice, and once by bicycle! In 1990 we started Caravan-camping (because I don't like sleeping on the ground in a tent), and a few years ago we traded up to a little Lance camper on a pickup truck (that high ground clearance & 4WD is the best!). We have a PV panel on the roof and know how to sanitize any kind of water, so we can go off-grid for as long as we like.

So what's Poccia's Principle? That there's an inverse relationship between the amount you pay for a campsite and the quality of what you get. I must say that so far, it's proved out! The best are free, and the most expensive are... well, what you show in your photo of the $30 place. Love those National Forests!

Actually, I gotta admit to a couple of exceptions: truck stops and WalMart parking lots -- very handy expedients when you're just passing thru, but (usually) not exactly scenic. Although I do recall one - where was that... somewhere in Canada I think - where we looked out the back across the prettiest field of wildflowers and birds.

Just found your site today -- lovely! Thanks! Camp well, in peace -
Susan J.
Saugerties, NY (between the Catskills & the Hudson)

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