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Hello Marianne, I did dig up a little in our town story to find the origin of that typical meal: Poutine. Here's an article published a few years ago in a local paper on the real provenance of that recipe « The article on the death last week of Fernand Lachance, proclaimed creator of poutine, woke up an old quarrel with Drummondville's restaurant, which also attributed to him the authorship of this unique food!
Daniel Leblanc, poutine was not born in the kitchen of Fernand Lachance in Warwick in 1957 but in its restaurant, Le Roy Jucep of Drummondville at about the same time.

"It belonged to Jean-Paul Roy, who first served this dish under the name" cheese-potato-sauce "before finding her name poutine in 1964," he said.

Poutine is a nickname that comes from the English word pudding, he says, which was made all the sauces ...!

"Mr. Roy nicknamed Ti-Pout his cook. One day someone said Ti-Pout made poutine ... That's how it all started. "

According to Daniel Leblanc, his 69-year-old predecessor remained humbled by the incredible expansion of this "food of Quebecers, this reference ..."

Hope it clear out all doubt on that meal.

Mike on Startrekfarwest !


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Aug 20, 2016
Thank you
by: Marianne

I should have known that calling something "the best" could stir up controversey! Glad ot hear the history behind it. LOL

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