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Public Libraries

by Sue

Q. May I suggest that in the “Do More, Pay Less” section of your website you mention public libraries. Almost the first thing that we do on arrival at a new place is visit the library, where it is free to check email, read newspapers and magazines and look at guide books. We also check out the notice board for local activities. When we stay anywhere for a couple of weeks or more we always join the library. It is sometimes free and sometimes costs between $15 and $30, but it allows us to borrow books, CDs, books on CD and videos. We travel for about three months each year with our 22ft travel trailer and thought we were frugal until we read your website! It is very informative. Thank you.

Marianne's Reply: Excellent point. We actually do the same but I somehow forgot to mention it. I will make the appropriate amendment. And thanks for writing. Comments from other seasoned travelers are very much welcome and appreciated.

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