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Reading Glasses with two LED lights

by Mark M

For the past two years, I have a pair of reading glasses that have a light switch on both sides. They give off incredible light and they light exactly where I am looking. They are great for reading (don't fall asleep with them on). They key is to make it a habit that when you take them off, turn them off. I only use one side unless the batteries are getting low. This provides enough light and saves power.

I also have my glasses attached to short croakies. They go around your neck. I wear them all the time. After two years of wearing them, I have found that they are a must. It comes with 2 batteries. One for each light. Each side says they last for 60 hours each. It has been a year since I replaced the batteries. Since I have gotten in the habbit of using them only for a second, they have lasted me all year.

I purchased them from CVS for a little under $25.00. They are durable. I had a pair before the two years, but they didn't last because the neck strap was too long and I kept getting them caught. My batteries are now low, so I need to run to radio shack to pick up some new batteries. But they still work in a dark pinch.

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