Reading Lights and Screens for Windows

by Keith and Pauline

We have a 1994 Ford van that we have gradually converted as a camper over the years. It suits us to be quite low-tech and basic, preferring wild and lonely places and roughing it a bit. We have camped in all extremes of weather and are usually very comfortable.

You may be interested in a couple of ideas that work well for us, similar to what you described... Individual headlamps are great (the little ones with head bands) as they give the right light conveniently hands-free and put the light just where you are looking. Good ones are expensive but well worth it. There is also one that hooks over the ear which is good too.

The other thing we did (for ventilation without fans) is mosquito mesh on the front door windows. Use the self-adhesive magnetic strips that craft supply stores sell in a roll. The strips are fixed (with glue and staples) top and bottom to the mesh (so they can be rolled up for storage) and we put a couple of unattached strips down the sides on the outside of the door frame to seal them all around. They have stayed in place in strong winds, although we don't leave them on while driving.

Thank you, Keith and Pauline

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