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Roadtrek fridge

by Carol
(Sarnia, On)

How do you manage your fresh food storage with such a small fridge in roadtrek especially if boondocking for several days at a time? Eg - unable to stand up a bottle of milk etc .

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Oct 01, 2015
We've been there!
by: Susan & Peter

We have a fridge & freezer in our Lance camper now, but for years & years we traveled in a Dodge Caravan with a little cooler or tiny cooler-shaped fridge. Some suggestions:

- Small aseptic box milks instead of quarts that need to be refrigerated.
- Browse produce depts for small packs of mixed veggies - a few carrots, a few broccoli florets, etc. Sometimes you'll find a "soup" mix of fresh veggies. Sometimes you'll find veggies peeled & chopped, in small containers.
- No need to refrigerate butter. Keep in a container with a tight lid.
- Eggs are okay without refrigeration for a few days. I understand that in Europe eggs are often not refrigerated.
- Lots of condiments come in dried form.
- Raid fast-food restaurants for individual packets of mayo, mustard, ketchup, etc.
- When you order Chinese food at home, save the little packets of soy sauce & mustard.
- Jam & Jelly don't really need to be refrigerated, as the high sugar content inhibits mold growth.
- Most salad dressings do okay without refrigeration, because of the vinegar.
- Some condiments, such as soy sauce and worcestershire sauce, will say "refrigerate after opening," but they're okay not to be.
- Likewise, baked goods do fine without refrigeration for several days.
- Look for little rectangular storage dishes that will stack neatly and tuck into the corners of your cooler better than round ones.

BTW, I crocheted a little hammock for our tender fruits and breads, etc. It tends to swing and bang against the cabinet when we're under way, so I hook a little tiny bungee cord on it, to prevent the swinging.

Oct 01, 2015
Small fridge storage
by: Marianne

We buy a quart carton of milk, rather than jug, that can stand in the door or on lower shelf in one spot of the fridge where the top shelf has a hole to allow it.
We find we can put enough for two people but it will definitely be crammed at times, however the fridge works better (stays colder) when full than empty. We cut down on # of condiments and don't put things that will keep (like ketchup) in the fridge. We also have a small cooler that we use as back up - but only occasionally when we stock up with extra vegs, etc.

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