RVing is Full of Wake-up Calls

My wife and I are new to RVing this year, and our longest trip was 10 weeks, mostly AZ and NM. Planning longer ones in 2011. Examples of wake-up calls we had:

1. RV life is like life anywhere else, but more so :). The highs tend to be higher than in routine bubbles of life at home, and the lows tend to be lower.

I got mugged, we had wind damage, we got lost, had serious anxieties about where to park on some nights, and had some hackle-raising arguments. We also saw breath-taking sights, met people who reminded us about how great life is, felt a lot of team pride, fell in love all over again, saw places we had only dreamed of before.

The best of times and the worst of times seem to come as a package deal, all in a small space, in one trip.

2. You're not alone, but you are on your own. We used your AZ and NM travel guides, and so were not left to figure out things completely alone. We had company whenever we wanted to seek it out. On the other hand, the flat tires, wind damage, and worrisome "traffic" around some remote parking site made us aware that we were very much on our own. After living on auto-pilot in the comfort of home, this required some emotional growth to handle the stresses productively.

3. Who am I, anyway? Some years ago I grew a beard, just for the heck of it, and people asked me for months, "What's that about?" as if they hadn't known me for years. Same with showing up in an RV - it seems to challenge peoples' ideas of who you "really" are, or confirm their prejudices about RV's. One distant relative said, "I didn't think you were the RV type; you seemed educated." It awakened me to the reality that my travel choices may change how I'm viewed and how some people relate to me. Of course we got reactions about that in the opposite direction, too: "Ahhh. You're living a dream the way most of us don't."

A homespun philosopher once said to me that "you can't make a road trip without taking an inner journey at the same time." Turned out to be true for us. So maybe some of the challenges of RV life are the challenges we need.

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Mar 26, 2013
by: Janet G

All I can say about the ppl who stereotype us as "less than educated"... IGNORANCE ABOUNDS!!!

I guess these people think the only ones who RV full time are redneck hicks such as (no offense) the DUCK DYNASTY type of folks!

I will be SO glad to join the ranks of the FULL TIMING ones I cannot tell you how much so!!!

Keep on keeping on and posting so I can continue learning until the day when we take off on OUR own.!!

Thank you all for your posts and also especially your pictures!

May 31, 2011
Big Amen to That!
by: Anonymous

Sitting in the RV, watching the intense sunset, my wife and I gave each other that "Isn't it awesome" smile. Then I said, "I wonder what the important people are doing now?" And the smiles broke into laughter.

May 31, 2011
Flying Under the Radar
by: Freda Fly

There is some comfort for us in having folks "stereotype" the full-time RVer. As you mentioned in the "I thought you were educated" comment.
For us, having been business professionals all our lives, dropping the whole facade of living up to other's expectations was a great relief and part of the joy of RVing. It's just fine with us if folks think we're a bit simple. We were so tired of keeping up. And now we don't have to.

Apr 30, 2011
Reply to Coastrider
by: Anonymous

The vehicle is a 2001 Dynamax Isata Sport Sedan, 22feet.

Dec 30, 2010
by: Coastrider

Is your home on wheels a Rialta? Too cool!

Dec 30, 2010
Well Said!
by: Marianne Edwards

Thank you for sharing your experience and impressions. You brought tears to my eyes!

Your sentiments couldn't have been conveyed more perfectly - depicting both the hardships and unbelievable pleasures that we find (and continue to learn from) on every trip.

The stereotyping of RVing is a whole other issue to deal with, too, and very real.

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