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Rving with Pets

by Cheryl

We are going on our maiden RV two-month trip with two small dogs. Norman, my husband, thinks it will be miserable for them and us. I think they will love it. I know it will keep us from touring and camping in certain areas, but in general, I'm hoping we will have a good trip with the dogs along.

The worst part of this is leaving our Siberian husky behind. He is just too big take in a custom van. Plus, he is a runner. He can run miles in a few minutes. I have been trying to find a new home for him, but few people want a senior dog. I would love to bring him along, but Norman says it would be impossible, I tend to agree with him. I could take him to our local no-kill animal shelter, but the thought of that makes me ill.

What have other travelers done with their animals? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Oct 25, 2020
I disagree
by: Marianne

In our experience (over 20 years of extensive RV camping) the opposite is true. MOST pet/owners are responsible. Those that aren't are in the minority. I think their lack of consideration can leave a bad impression of pet-owners in general.

Oct 24, 2020
by: Anonymous

Just read all the dog stories. Most dog owners, not all, but most are very irresponsible with their pets. They are not children, they are pets. Sorry to break this news for all those who have replaced their real kids with pets. Would you let your kids walk into another's camp site and start yelling/screaming/barking at strangers? Would you allow your kids/dog to crap or pee in your neighbors yard? Would you allow your kids/dogs tojust bark all day bothering your neighbors? Most dog owners are as obnoxious, self centered, and rude as those who park their camper right next to someone and run their damn generator all day and into the night. Stay far away from others if you have pets/generators. Control your animals!!!!

Oct 18, 2018
Traveling & camping with pets
by: Ray M

I travel with two cats, and like always they are on leashes. They are quite the seem to get the attention of fellow campers and their kids and enjoy the trips.

I have traveled with dogs and having to stop for them was not something I would ever do again.

If your dog likes to run though, bring along a bicycle and ride along with them if they want to run, otherwise hold them back if you just want to walk.

Teach then what you want to do not what they want to do.

Never allow your dog or any pet to run free in any campground. If it gets picked up or killed it is on you and your loss. I was in one campground and a loose dog tried to attack one of my cats. I was able to trap it, took it to the campground office, called local animal control and they took it away. I have no idea if the owner ever got that dog back but I hope not since they proved to be irresponsible and for me ignorant people.


Jul 25, 2016
Take the dogs
by: Anonymous

We RV in a 32' trailer with 2 small dogs and a St Bernard. We all love it. Take the dogs with you and I'll bet you all enjoy it if you make the effort

Sep 23, 2014
Huskies with an RV.
by: Dori

I personally have 4 huskies. Yes they are runners but I am choosing to live the RV life AFTER I took them into my home. They are like kids.. you don't drop them off at the shelter cause you no longer want them. Nor should you find another home BUT if that is what you need to do... then please take the time to find a fellow husky home. Then he'll have someone to play with as well as you be able to relax knowing he is in the care of someone familiar with the breed.

Good luck with your trips. We will be taking 4 huskies with us. It will be interesting BUT I can't be selfish and leave them.

Aug 01, 2014
Your dogs will love it
by: cgbikes

My apologies as I'm not an RV'er but have taken my dog along on many car, camping, and hiking trips in CA.

In camp, run a picket line or a taut rope about 5.5 feet off the a clothes line. Use a carabiner to attach the leash to the picket line. One end should be wherever you are. This gives the dog some freedom (longer than a 6 foot leash) and keeps the dog from getting tangled up.

You can usually find a place to board the dogs even for a short time. I've done that sometimes just for a few hours.

We're surrounded here by National Forests and Bureau of Land Management land. Plenty of places to let the dogs off leash safely assuming they will come to you when called. Do check for cattle.

Your dogs will love lots and lots of hiking or walking even if it's on leash. Watch out for conditions that can damage feet (hot rock or sand, sharp rocks) and consider booties. I did try them with my dog and he hated them over many trials. Now I just limit our exposure.

Carry water and a drinking bowl for the dogs. If it's going to be cold, you might consider dog sweaters.

Microchip the dogs, keep vaccinations up to date and carry the information with you. Put contact info on the dog's collar.

Consider how trail wise your dog is before letting them off leash. Mine has reasonably good recall and always returns to me eventually. He doesn't get too far away. He understands "careful" and "leave it." He's a bit of a picky eater so I don't need to worry about him eating anything bad. He doesn't run off cliffs and he swims well.

Dogs love being with their pack and hiking or walking. Your dogs will love going with you. Nothing better than seeing my dog stretched out on his side after a great day in the outdoors.

Apr 15, 2014
RVing with dogs
by: Kay

I have volunteered in a shelter and I can tell you that it is very hard to find homes for older dogs. I would like people to comment on their travel with dogs. I have 3 dogs and would like to RV with them but I am wondering if campgrounds have restrictions on the number of dogs, etc. I just acquired another dog from a shelter because I felt the number of dogs was so great that I could take on one more.. I love my dogs and we have always taken them with us on vacation and I make sure I take them for a good long walk in the morning and then they know that they can chill out the rest of the day while we go about our activities. I hope you find someone to take care of your older dog, even if it is only temporary. Some dogs do not do well in a shelter environment.

Mar 09, 2014
Keep your loving Senior Dog!!!
by: Anonymous

Throw away dog...shame on you. Especially a Senior dog. I am sure he gave you so much love, trust, companionship. Dogs do have feelings and some actually get depressed when they lose their owners. Thank goodness we don't do this with humans...our parents...when they get old and in our way...(or do we???) Suffice and keep your dog, love and care for him as you should. Better yet do what it takes to accommodate and get a bigger RV so you can all be comfy and happy. Please do not abandon that Senior Dog!!

Feb 25, 2014
by: Kerry

Pets are pets and we are not their parents. Pets don't think, "Why did they leave me?" Life changes and the things around us have to change as well. If you can find another loving home, it will just be Chapter 2 in their lives as well. Relax and have a great trip.

Feb 12, 2014
Traveling with Pets
by: Larry and Kim

If you don't want to take your children (PETS) then don't get them to begin with. The easiest thing to do is to ignore the guilt one has and make a justifiable statement: "there is no room for my pet". Maybe if you spent time in a cage for a long time and then knew what your outcome would be, you might think a little different about your pets. You all can disagree with us but these are living creatures. Shame on you Shame on you!!!!!!


When we choose to become parents to an animal, it's a commitment that shouldn't be taken lightly. We have had pets for 35 years and can't imagine putting any of them through the anguish and despair of leaving them behind wondering what happened to the people who once cared for them and loved them. People like you should not have pets if you think it's ok to discard them when it becomes inconvenient.

And as far as bringing that poor dog to a shelter, when did it become ok to dump your responsibility onto somebody else because you no longer want it. My heart aches for your dog!!!!!!


Dec 09, 2013
travel with dogs
by: Camila

We took a very energetic hound with us and because she was a roamer and runner we thought we would have troubles. But we boondock a lot, tons of BLM lands, and it ended up being a fantastic fit - can't imagine the trip without her. As long as you are in areas where the dog is free to roam, which many of the southwest rural areas are, then your husky could stay happy too. Our dog had far more freedom and play on the road than she ever had in a home, and she got used to keeping an ear out for the roar of the RV engine starting up and would leap in, curl up into her little spot and enjoy the ride. Fall/Winter/Spring were a breeze.

The heat of summer when you're in an RV Park, National Park or city is the only real trouble, because you can't leave them in the RV for long while you explore, you can't leave them outside on a leash in the shade while you're gone if you're at an established campground, etc.

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