Safe Drinking Water....

by Sonny Dinger
(Patterson ,Louisiana)

Hi Marianne,
I enjoyed reading your advice and, yes, I had an experience which taught me to be careful where you drink the water on the road.

I did not carry special drinking water on my first travels and became ill. So, I began carrying drinking water in empty Clorox jugs (from home), like maybe two gallons, and learned from a boy scout camping book to add a table spoon or two of Clorox to purify the water to drink.

As I read your story, I was wondering about the things you talked about in this newsletter. We practice many already at home and then we realize just how wasteful we were at one time.

We have been blessed with so much of just about everything that we get to where we don't really care how much is wasted.

Thank you for allowing us to comment and share our experience and thank you for listening.

Have safe travels... We may need to run from the Big Wind soon - this is Southern Louisiana!


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Dec 01, 2013
Water filter
by: HiknDoug

As for clean drinking water. I use my backpacking water filter when I suspect the water may not be pristine. It takes only a few minutes to pump a gallon of clean water. Go to your local outdoor store, REI, and get one. The $50 you spend may come in handy.

Jul 09, 2011
Safe Drinking Water
by: Chris Martinez

To resolve any concern of unsafe drinking water while at home, office, travel, or anywhere - use AquaDrop.

Safe, simple, and in a short period of time the harmful bacteria, algae, and fungi commonly found in water that causes so much illness can be eliminated, making the water safe to consume. Replaces dangerous chlorine or bleach and comes in convenient dropper bottles for use anywhere.

Perfect for travel needs.

Go to for more information and you can get a 30ml (1 fl oz) bottle to treat 500 gallons of water for $10.

Problem solved.

Oct 13, 2010
Safe Drinking Water/habits
by: Anonymous

I see there is a Home Purification Advertisement
on the page here, and what good is this for Travelers,
in Travel trailers/Campers/ Motor homes?

The nearest to
this is Water-Filters which you screw on to the faucet ,
or on your hose as you connect to campground water,
( I have used both) , we're talking about Traveling here,
being on the road ,maybe 12 to 14 hours a day, w/ rest
stops here & there, for a snack and Potty.

I carry just enough
water in the fresh-water tank to wash the hands and face,
remember , we're trying to save on everything on this trip
and every trip, so we can go farther on less money, we live
out of a suitcase (so to speak) at your next stop the area,
which is not always suitable , so you move quickly to another
which may be hours away, depending where you are going.
At the same time , you are enjoying your journey/ ride,
as you pass much wilderness, maybe Corn fields, maybe forests, this is the Joy of traveling, Being on the Road !

See you over the next hill.....
Until next time ...Happy Traveling/RVing

Reply by Marianne Edwards(moderator):
Hi Sonny. The ad you refer to was placed by Google. They try to match the ad to the content but, just for your information,I have no control over which ads google places on my pages.

Oct 08, 2010
Safe Drinking Water
by: Sonny

Hi ,
Drinking Water:
There are so many theories about the water we drink,it makes a person sick just to think about it. Some even say,"If you really want to be safe, boil all your drinking water."So, no matter where you are, boil your water.

When we were young we never had to worry about that, and we all survived, it seems. There are so many products that you eat daily not knowing what is in it so I rest my case.

Drink carefully....thank you for listening,

Sep 26, 2010
by: Anonymous

Don't put chemicals in your water because it's really known to induce cancer - even city water is bad with it's heavy use of chlorine.

For your health, buy purified or spring bottled water, unless you have a death wish of course.

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