Save Space in your Waste Water Tanks

by John
(Alberta, Canada)

When boondocking, we can go two weeks before having to dump our tanks. How?

Wash the dishes in a tub rather than the sink, dump the water on nearby plants.

Put a twist-on 3" valve ahead of the cap that you would remove prior to hooking up your dump hose. With the cap on and valve closed, you can now open both black & gray water tanks. The grey water invariably fills ahead of the black so, if you wait a day or two before opening the two valves there will be more grey on board than black and the two tanks will equalize, allowing you to fill them both to capacity before having to go and dump the tanks. We have used this method while boondocking for the past 8 years. Never had a problem with it.

We have a fifth wheel so, any time we go anywhere with just the truck, we always have empty fresh water containers with us so we can pick up drinking water where ever we see it.

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