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Seligman, Arizona (Home of the Rebirth of Route 66)

by Bud Corwin
(Apache Junction, Az)

Well, here it is, October 2011 already. Gerri and I just got back down here to AJ (Apache Junction, Az). As I stated in my last comments on this site, we stayed in Arizona this summer. We worked at the KOA in Seligman along with three other sets of really nice workampers. We only worked two days a week, so this gave us ample time to explore the northwestern areas of Arizona.

Two things really facinated me there. One, the Burlington Northern Sante Fe Railroad. I am not kidding when I tell you there were at least two hundred trains a day that passed our windshield.

The other thing is Route 66 - The Mother Road - the road of all roads in its day. The longest remaining section of this highway starts just west of Ash Fork and ends at Topoc. It is just under 160 miles. We traversed it several times while there. There's so much history in this part of Arizona. I could probably write a book on the many miles we traveled up and down this ole road. The towns that still dot the landscape and the people we met.

All in all, it was a good summer. We got to see the Grand Canyon again, twice. We went to Las Vegas a couple times, went on a few back roads, one of which wound up at the west end of the Grand Canyon, which is where the Sky Walk is. Had to get the car aligned after that one.

The only draw back of being in Seligman is we had to drive to Kingman, Prescott, or Flagstaff for groceries. There is a Safeway store in Williams, which is 44 miles, but any others are 75 miles each way.

Happy motoring to all you RVers and let's keep in touch.

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