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Solo travelers

by Debe Crippen
(San Diego, CA)

Gosh, as usual, so much is said about my husband and I, my wife and I, it hurts. It hurts because I lost my husband, grieved and now want to head out, in a motor home, on my own. Sometimes I am very confident, cuz I know I can do it. What I don't know, is how I'm gonna do it alone. So much thinking, so much planning and doing it alone, seems daunting. I would LOVE to hear from some other baby booming widows, who are doing this.......I know you're out there. Please share.
Great big thanks.

I love this website and will be visiting it daily. I am still looking for my rig and have a plan to leave in January. I live in San Diego but with so many thoughts in my head and a huge Bucket List, I don't know where to go first. LMAO.
THANKKS for listening to my rambling, hope someone responds.

Comments for Solo travelers

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Jul 27, 2016
@solo Travellers
by: Marianne

You'll find some tips on my Boondocking Safety page here:

Jul 27, 2016
Solo travellers
by: Debbie

I don't know when Debe started this line of conversation, but I do offer condolences. Also thanks for the useful comments and site suggestions for women travelling alone. I am married but have lived on a different continent from my husband for 13 years, it's a complicated story. I have about 3 years til I retire and I am looking to RV full-time when that happens. I am grateful to Marriane for the stuff on the emotional side of this. I live alone in a nice size basement apartment, but in the past years alone I have lived in some very tiny spaces so know I can downsize again. I will have a small pension and hope savings, OAS and RSPs will give enough to live frugally. I think the biggest concern I have is being safe if parked out in the wilds alone. If anyone has tips on keeping safe I'd love to hear. Thanks again

Apr 26, 2015
Heading Out in 2015
by: Cheryl

Thank you all for your comments. Though I was a widow over 20 years ago, I've lived a somewhat solitary, gypsy life and therefore am not nervous about the thought of traveling alone. As I continue to read blogs and forums, I am reminded that there are many of us (single & married) that opt to travel by ourselves.

Personally, I have felt I will meet more people along the way as opposed to sitting at the cabin isolated in the hills. Ami's description of "gregarious introvert" is perfect! Again, there is a wealth of information among these comments and I appreciate your contribution.

Jan 31, 2015
"Ready" to Travel
by: Cindy

I guess my story is the same as many others out there. I recently lost my husband, and without his companionship on camping trips, it is lonely and hard to do things. I purchased a small camper and have gone on a few short trips, but I would like to reach out a little and travel more. In early summer I hope to start to wander. I am from the Midwest and can go in any direction. Big bridges are bad for me; I don't like the height. Like other singles, I am shy but am learning to overcome that. Suggestions and comments are welcome. Are there reliable groups to travel with? How do I prepare for a month-long trip?

Jan 11, 2015
Wonder How Many Share Your Feelings?
by: Marianne

Wow Ami. Thank you.
I think I have the exact same feelings and introvert tendencies as you, yet I imagine that most people wouldn't say that. I've come a long way since my highschool super-shyness, but still generally am quick to think I might be a bother. I constantly worry that I shouldn't visit too often or stay too long. I wonder how many other people share these thoughts and feelings - perhaps your words resonate with many.

You are so right. The greatest memories of our travels, the ones that stick out, that last, are not the scenery, the meals, the sunsets, but the people we meet and share them with.

I love, love, love your words and your outlook on life.

Jan 11, 2015
Been traveling alone for 10,000 miles so far
by: Ami

Hi there! I'm not a widow, and my deep condolences go to anyone on their own trying to make sense of their loss and find a new way to live as a solo person. I am, however, solo and traveling around the country in a camper van. Since it's not an RV I won't go into my stories of camping locations or amenities, but I can share something I learned after the third month out here. And continue to learn as the road has great capacity to help heal and to teach us what we need to know next to have a marvelous life!

The key thing I learned so far ---> We have to prioritize friendships! I am a gregarious introvert and happy to be on my own,however, I can recognize that the highlights of this trip are not the places or sights, but rather, the people..... And, when you're solo it can be a little more intimidating to meet folks.

I have learned to muster up curiosity so I can find a reason to approach folks, asking them about themselves or their travel. I had to learn to go a little beyond small talk or else my soul would just feel more lonely, like I was left out of the good stuff of life. I've taken social risks that were difficult, sometimes offering to share some food I made or a photo I took that was particularly good as a way to strike up conversation. I learned to linger when I have that inside twinge to politely end a conversation and move on. This helped open more doors and I've made some remarkable friends along the way. And with each person I've learned more about life, myself, the road, them, beauty, hope and friendship than I ever could have stumbled on by myself.

All the best to you and any one reading this post. Let's remember we are all made to be gifts to each other, no one is I this life alone, and let's practice being great friends... It's worth it!

Nov 30, 2014
Go for it!
by: Amy

I can only encourage you to not hesitate to travel alone. It's quite liberating to be out there, on the road with no one to please but yourself.

Oct 27, 2014
And more advice...
by: Marianne Edwards

Another excellent site:
I belong to a group called Women RVing on
I encourage you to go there (it's a free social site for RVers), find the Women RVing group and join it. You'll be immediately connected with 257 women RVers - many of them traveling on their own.

Oct 26, 2014
Another Web Site and a Book for you
by: Marianne Edwards

I just remembered another great resource for women traveling alone: Here it is.. Also check Margo Armstrong's book, For Women Only, Traveling Solo in your RV, available through her web site, Moving on with Margo.

Oct 21, 2014
RVing Singles
by: Marianne Edwards

Another suggestion for you, Deb, is WIN (Wandering Individuals Network).

They're a network of single RVers who travel togegther or meet up at various locatons. We've often run into groups of them on our travels. They appear to be a fun group.

Oct 21, 2014
Oops. Need to clear up a misunderstanding
by: Marianne Edwards

I'm sorry,
That item was posted by Deb Crippen, as a guest post on my web site. My husband, Randy, is fine and we are currently planning our next adventure. I chose to allow this post to show up on my blog so it might get more response. And, you see, it did - you responded! And with some great suggestions. Thank you! But the condolences go to Deb, not to me.

Oct 21, 2014
some single ladies that travel alone
by: Anonymous

I'm sorry to hear about your husband. I had wondered why you don't post as often as you used to.

I don't know if any of these ladies are widows but they all travel alone. I have followed them for some time now.

RVSue -- travels with her dog Bridget. Tows a Casita with a van. She has a blog called RV Sue and Her Canine Crew.

2012 Escapee -- travels in a class A with her dog Toto the Xolo. She has a lot of videos on YouTube but I don't know if she has a blog.

Barbara Dewell -- travels in a class C with her dog Katie. She's got a blog called Me and My Dog.

I know there are a lot of single travelers out there. I hear it mentioned sometimes in blog posts. You might also look up some couples that seem to have large networks: Technomadia, Nikki and Jason Wynn and RV Dreams.

Again, sorry to hear about your husband.

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