Some changes

by Peter Harwerth
(Welshpool, NB)

There have been made changes on the American side in the importation process of motorized vehicles. An importer now needs a customs broker assistance for obtaining an "ITN-Number". The broker will file for such number in the "AES" system which was created in the U.S. around 2010. With this ITN number the importer must submit vehicle and purchase documentation 72 hours prior to crossing the border into Canada. The vehicle must then be presented to a CBP-officer which will confirm the VIN number matches with the filed papers. Of course, the process costs money. The customs broker will charge a fee. It pays off to check several brokers for their fees. Some charge $150 others $45. Get the fax number of the CBP-station where you will cross into Canada and remember that you will have to wait south of the border for 72 hours if you haven't submitted documents 3 days before you arrive at the border.

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